Daily Thoughts I Have on the Tube and Other Mundane London Activities

I’m not going to say that this week has been particulary eventful, because in all truth, it wasn’t. Last week was our first week of classes. On Mondays, I have London in the Victorian Age. That, as well as my class on Wednesdays (London, the Past in the Present; a history through museums) are taught by the same professor and it’s a study abroad class. … Continue reading Daily Thoughts I Have on the Tube and Other Mundane London Activities

Tourism At Its Finest

So today, Katie Sarah and I decided to be tourists and go see the Natural Museum of History upon recommendation. I now understand why there are so many people at all the tourist attractions! London is expensive man, but luckily most of the museums are free. The museum was pretty cool, and very old. The architecture was very beautiful. There were far too many children … Continue reading Tourism At Its Finest

When I Die Bury Me in Harrods

So today we saw the famous Harrods! It’s the most beautiful clothing store you’ve ever seen. Today Alex and I decided we need little booties to blend in. That seems to be the style here, instead of high boots. I also needed cool high tops. I brought my nikes to work out and stuff but everyone wears cool high top sneakers. So at harrods I … Continue reading When I Die Bury Me in Harrods

First Two Days in London (actually)

So the other post got cut a bit short because I’m doing this on my phone. Long story short, I brought the wrong piece for my laptop charger and can’t stick it into the adapter so I’m laptop-less for now. We’re still in the hotel until tomorrow, when we will move in the dorms and I’ll figure out wifi and how to get my laptop … Continue reading First Two Days in London (actually)