The Story of How I Almost Met Ron Weasley and Other Things That Happened This Week

Last Thursday, I took myself on a date to the London Zoo and went on an actual date to the cinema to see Twelve Years a Slave. Friday I went to a place called the Breakfast Club. It’s supposed to be really famous but it wasn’t that good. I think it’s probably a bit overrated. This weekend was pretty low key, Friday I only went out till 11 and Saturday we didn’t go out at all. Sunday, Sarah and I finally got manicures and pedicures it only took 5 hours and three places and 6 tube stops (approximately). Yesterday we had class…so fun, I know.

Today was really cool though because for Sarah and Katie’s theatre class, they have to see a bunch of plays. I love the shows here and the theatres are old and gorgeous. The play was called Mojo, and it was playing at the Harold Pinter theatre in Piccadily Circus.showbiz-mojo-stage-rupert-grint-ben-whishaw-et-al 

I don’t know who took these pictures but they’re all from the show:article-2506968-1962154D00000578-541_634x581 Mojo_2732873b

The play took place in the course of one day and the story was actually really really hard to follow. We were in the second to last row and basically sitting straight up so it was kind of hard to see the stage but at the end I got it and it was all good. Unfortunately, after the play, we waited around for the actors to come out and I wanted a picture with Rupert Grint so bad. I literally sat there and fangirled so hard the entire play. I even had my facebook caption all planned out. So Sarah and Katie and I stood in the pouring rain for like 15 minutes waiting for the actors until someone told us they went out another door, which was really sucky. But one day, I will meet him.



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